The Suntan Sweet Cubanelle Pepper

A Mild to Spicy "Giardiniera Style" Product

     RJ's Peppers in Oil


RJ's Quality Pepper Selection Guide

  • RJ's "Hot" Diavolo Sauce with Peppers
  • RJ's "Medium Hot" Diavolo Sauce with Peppers
  • RJ's "Mild" Diavolo Sauce with Peppers

RJ's Diavolo Sauce with Peppers

RJ's Peppers in Oil products feature 3 distinct and flavorful types of peppers; the Hungarian Hot Wax, The sweet Suntan Cubanelle, and the sweet Banana pepper.  RJ's Hot Peppers in Oil consists of 100% Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers.  RJ's Medium Hot Peppers in Oil consists of a 50/50 blend of Hungarian Hot Wax and sweet Suntan Cubanelle.  RJ's Mild Peppers in Oil is a 50/50 blend of sweet  Suntan Cubanelle and sweet banana peppers

  • ​​​​Extremely Versatile:  From Appetizer to Entree!

A favorite of European immigrants, RJ's Pepper Pantry has perfected this  "Old World" traditional recipe into a trendy gourmet-style grocery, deli, and restaurant offering.

  • As a condiment on sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, sausage and pulled pork or beef.
  • Serve as an appetizer on pita,or flat bread, crackers with cream cheese, baked brie, hummus,  or any brushetta recipe.
  • Add to your favorite breakfast dish:  scrambled eggs, omelets, frittatas, hash browns.
  • As a Recipe addition;  add to your favorite dish:  chili, mac & cheese, linguine and clam, tacos and quesadillas ​​

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​The Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper

  • RJ's "Hot" Peppers in Oil
  • RJ's "Medium Hot" Peppers in Oil
  • RJ's "Mild" Peppers in Oil

A Zesty " Finishing Style" Cooking Sauce.

Inspired by local cultural influences, RJ's Diavolo Sauce With Peppers recreates a zesty Pomodoro-style sauce bursting with rich and robust flavors.

This 'new world' recipe uses a medley of Roma style vine-ripened tomatoes combined with both Hungarian Wax and sweet Cubanelle peppers.  The herb and wine infused sauce is seasoned and blended to perfection.

  • Great with veal, chicken, or pork
  • Top your favorite cut of meat
  • Over Seafood
  • Fantastic Chili based sauce
  • Zesty pizza sauce
  • ​Toss over Pasta

The Sweet Banana Pepper