RJ's Sweet & Spicy Brie Wheel Appetizer




1 ( 16 oz ) Brie wheel

1 cup apricot preserves

1  cup RJ's Hot, Med Hot, or Mild Peppers in Oil (drained )

1 loaf French Baguette bread (1" slices)

Olive Oil spritz

Cooking Instructions

1.  Mix together apricot preserves and RJ's Peppers in Oil

2.  Cut 5" round brie wheel in half lengthwise

3.  Spoon 1/2 preserve and pepper mixture in center and spread

4. Replace top of brie and spread remaining balance of preserve and pepper mixture

5.  Cut French baguette into 1" slices and coat with olive oil

6. Using pizza pan or baking stone place brie in center and arrange the sliced bread around the wheel

Bake at 425 degrees for 8-10 minutes where the bread is toasty and the brie is warm and ready to serve

Buon Appetito!

 Servings:  6-8

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